[4Sale] Typesetters lettering


I have hundreds of thousands upon thousands of pieces of Al, Pb and
mystery alloy type in perhaps 5 styles ( Helvetica, Bookman’s Old
Style, Franklin Gothic, Goudy,etc. including Arabic numerals and
punctuation marks) and assorted sizes and combinations of the
carriers used for spacing (as for columnar, line-by-line and other
hand set layout and press work). None are rusted, nor the aluminum
scaly.They were used in print making. The carriers make great
setter’s cement and shellac holders and other stone setting jigs,
sand casting moulds (as you can set up for multiple different sized
pieces in a single though separated cope/frame) however, they are
not good for soldering weights, etc. as they melt before one’s work
pieces are heated! The type can be used for stamping, creating
customized decorative tools and logos, even alloying purple gold, in
a word- multitudinous things are possible with the various sized
pieces. If anyone is interested in all or part of them ( I would
break them up by the type style, or in the case of the carriers - in
lots sized to take advantage of the USPS flat rate mailing boxes
($7.95 US/$24.95 and up international mail) unless someone has a
better idea!) I would most happily sell them, or trade for stones,
pearls, .999 Ag, Au ( grain preferred), tools, jewelry supplier gift
certificates or related items. I would like to accomplish this this
coming week.

I have also got many antique wooden type trays,dovetailed, and with
the original brass pulls.Some have the type style nameplates
attached. they would have to be packed for UPS or Fed Ex carriage,
unless one person wants all of them ( at least 100weight so FOB
and CAP would be one option due to the irregular sizes of
the trays). I regularly use the half size trays for holding bur
containers, twist drill cylinders, rectangular gem “jars”, and other
small items in various places in the studio because they make for
quite handy storage,mounting and retrieval ! Email me off list if
interested in all or part(s) ASAP. Please note I would prefer not to
have to hand select single alphabet sets as there are literally
hundreds of thousands of pieces and the time it would take would be
extensive. Nor would I eagerly sell all of any single letter or
number, thereby breaking up any complete set.