[4Sale] Tumbler & Booth Lights

Hi All, Ok…my studio is bursting at the seams…some stuff has to

I have changed my booth and I have 4 Brightman Focus Lights for sale.
They are 2 lbs each and super easy to ship and carry. You can see the
details here

I added special bulbs that reduce the glare for jewlery. They have
been used once. They were about $460 new. I would be willing to sell
them for $275 or so.

I also have a Good Vibes Tumbler which is on pg. 428 of the Rio Tools
Catalog. (Item 202-112). It has not been used very much as I have
another bigger one that I use…I am selling it for $125 without the
pump. It was $285 new with the pump…(pumps are around $80)

Anyone interested…please email me.