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[4Sale] Torches and equipment


-I have 3 new in the box HOKE-Type Oxy-Propane torches with 4 tips
(0,1,2,3) available

-New in the box 6" Carbon ring soldering stand.

-In the mix I also have 4 unopened boxes of silicone abrasive wheels
for a flex-shaft- 1 box of BLUE square-edge fine wheels, 1 box of
BLUE bullets, 1box of PINK wheels and one box of PINK bullets.

-Prices are $14.00 per torch (not inc. post), $12.00 for the ring
stand (not inc. postage), and $50.00 for all the abrasive wheels.

-A local tool and die maker has asked me to liquidate these items-
these are his prices- His shop will close at the end of the year and
I will post more equipment if it becomes available. The economy
claims another…

-In the event you need pics or more info- email me off list.