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[4Sale] Tools and showcases

November’s ITEMS for Sale & ITEMS Wanted To Buy is now available for

Every few months I put out a listing of jewelers who have items in
their store to sell plus those who are looking to buy items for their
store, plus positions available.

Below is a listing of what’s for sale and items wanted to buy.

There are TWO laser welders available! Lots of showcases This month
2.5 tons of jewelers tools, bench tools, a formidable goldmine of
bench tools. Man!

Don’t contact David Geller Go to my website below, scroll down a bit
and you’ll see a blue line: November 2011 Items For Sale.PDF

Click on that line and the PDF file will open up.

Contact those jewelers listed there.

Go here:

Have a profitable day!

David Geller

Go heRe: 

David thanks for the post, I have tried to access these PDF files
for sale and have not been able to open them. You might check this
out. I have clicked every where there is on the page. Could be user

Thanks Frank Goss