[4Sale] Tools and equipment

Hello all,

Work and business has been slow and I have been laid off from the
bench. I have not been able to find another bench job for 3 months
and do not think I will find one any time soon. I think I’m going to
back into my first career before the bench. I thought the bench
would be a longer career then it has turned out to be. So I invested
in some tools and equipment that I will no longer need.

These are the items I would like to sell.

Foredom #10 quickchange hand peice

Duplex sping adapter for Foredom flex shafts

Foredom Allset Quick Change Adapter Kit - For Foredom #10
quickchange hand peice

Foredom Power Engraver Kit - Includes motor, hand piece, foot
control, and speed dial control, and video.

VHS The Art of Setting Princess Cuts with Fancy Cut Applications

You can contact me offline at my email address rwilliamson@yahoo.com