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[4Sale] Studio purge

I’m in the process of clearing out my studio, and I have a few
things to get rid of that I know I’m never going to use. Please
contact me off-forum if you’re interested in anything [tgentry at]. [Thank you for the opportunity to post, Hanuman and

309 annealed stainless steel tool wrap

.002 x 15.875" x 100 linear feet

Comes on a dispenser roll

/[$150 + shipping]/

Pair of custom-cut 310 stainless steel plates for mokume gane [for
larger billets]

4" x 4" x " with holes (no bolts included)

/[$175 + shipping]/

Pair of custom-cut 310 stainless steel plates for mokume gane [for
small billets]

1.5" x 2.25" x " with holes (no bolts included)

/[$150 + shipping]/

*Etching kit for silver and copper (Rio #118106) *

Kit (used once) contains
One plastic tray and one scribe
12 brushes
Lacquer brushes for applying mordant or resist
One 8 oz. resist and one pint thinner
One pint each of silver and copper mordants

Please Note–as per Rio: Silver mordant contains nitric acid, and
copper mordant contains muriatic acid. I can’t ship this. *Available
for sale in the Chicagoland area only.


Diamond Pacific Vibratory tumbler + accessories

The whole shebang: Diamond Pacific MT-10 Tumbler/1-10lb hopper/2-4lb
hoppers/1-5lb container 25K media/1-5lb container 75K media.
Instructions manual included for both tumbler and media. [Current
retail => Approx. $904 / I’m asking $500 for everything—might

/[$500 plus shipping]/

Large cast iron necklace mandrel (Rio #112274)

I think it’s the model above, but it mine seems a bit
larger–roughly 10" x 10"?

/[$85 plus shipping]/

Large light tent cube

36" x 36" cube, from Alzo Digital. Comes with storage/carrying case.
I also have a number of different backgrounds/gradient papers if
interested (sold separately).

/[$25 plus shipping]/

Trizact abrasive roll 1" x 20 yd (Rio #337483)-400 grit

/[$20 plus shipping]/

Trizact abrasive roll 1" x 20 yd (Rio #337481)-220 grit

/[$20 plus shipping] /


Jewelry: Two Books in One, by Madeline Coles ($12)
The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry, by Joanna Gollberg ($12)
Creative Silver Chains by Chantal Saunders ($10)
Fabulous Woven Jewelry by Mary Hettmansperger ($8)
Crocheted Wire Jewelry by Arlene Fisch ($10)

Tamra Gentry

Hi All,

I just moved into a new studio space, and in the process of
packing/unpacking I’m continuing to come across schtuff that I don’t
use or need. Here’s a link to the list of what I have
available–apologies for the spreadsheet, but I need for it to be
this way (and yeah, sure, maybe I’m a little OC. :wink:

There are a couple of items on the list that are available for
pick-up only–the Spirflame water torch, and the empty (but new)
acetylene MC tank–at least, I don’t think you can ship empty tanks.

I am also getting rid of my vast stash of Fordite “gemstones.” I am
selling them all at Cost plus associated fees as outlined in the
individual listings.

I also have a brand-spankin’-new Show Off Canopy (plus Backroom)
with carrying bags and everything that I’ve had for years and haven’t
done anything with. --Dunno. --If you’re interested, let me know–I
might let it go with the right

If you’re interested in anything and/or have any questions–shoot me
a direct email. Thanks!

Tamra Gentry