[4Sale] Sterling Castings by the kilo

I have many,many assorted castings (from waxes) in sterling silver
(very few in this lot are fine silver), in assorted calibrated and
standardized sizes, shapes and basic designs that are ready to be set
and/or finished in some cases ( i.e.- a bit of sprue left on,
cleaning around prong needed, straightening of cradles necessary to
align for tension setting, inside marking needed, some 3 or4 rings
still treed etc.).

All have been through a magnetic polisher, none are porous, or
otherwise unusable junk- though one or two out of hundreds may have
an incomplete prong which is why they are in this box at this

There are rings, earrings, pendants, embellishments, bales, setting
strips, just about anything used in production lines made over a
five year period) by the kilo only and luck of the scoop so- to-
speak at an amazingly low price (cheaper than the raw material by the
ounce) please contact me off the list. I have approximately 12 kilos
of material that could better be used than melted down for scrap- and
I hate to see all that casting time go to waste…

They are perfect for classes, or schools. & great for beginning
jewelers that need materials to practice on. Most just need some
stones or cabs popped in and the pieces polished for quick sales
material- nothing art jewelry and no one-off designs in this
assortment, just standard, mainstream, everyday ( mass market) type
stuff that were produced for clients and were overruns, or sterling
when fine silver was intended, or prototypes from bids.

I also have some gold castings of a similar nature, mostly in 14
karat (a few may be 18 karat, red or green gold, and are being sold
by the ounce rather than kilo from the same waxes as the sterling
castings above, and also sold by the same luck of the grab process
and no one-offs in the lot. If anyone is interested in buying some,
if not all, write me with how much weight you’re interested in,
where its to be shipped, whether or not you want extra insurance
(international shipping mainly) and I’ll send you a quote (all one
price for sterling kilos regardless of shipping costs) with postage
based on USPS priority 3 day in the USA, and UPS global for
international shipping to Europe, and the UK, South and Central
America, and most Island nations unless you request some other
transportation method or have pre-established shipping accounts with
the carrier of your choice.