[4Sale] Steam Dragon

I have a Steam Dragon for sale…I have only used it a couple or
times…my reason for selling is that I actually don’t need it like
I thought I would. If I have need,I have a place I can steam so… It
is the Green Dragon, electrical 110V,10A,120W,60Hz, Dimensions
9Wx12Dx10h, ship Wt 226 lbs lists now at $545.00 I will accept the
best offer. Plus postage…I can check with UPS for the shipping
rates. E-mail me for any more details...Rajanikaz@hotmail.com


Hi Maryfrances, We ship these all the time and they weigh more like
26 pounds when properly packed.

John, The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

Hello all!

I have a green steam dragon still for sale. I have literally used it
about 2 times. It works really well, I just retested it. I don’t
need a steamer anymore…I am not doing as much work as I used to,
and I need the cash! If you are interested the steamer is $200.00
plus shipping…approximately $25.00.