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[4Sale] Silversmith Hammers and Stakes

Some years ago, I was very interested in becoming a silversmith and
managed to accumulate some fine hammers and stakes. Alas,
circumstances never allowed me to realize my dream, but I still have
these terrific tools. Rather than leave them for my heirs to dispose
of, I’ve decided to offer them for sale.

I have broken the ensemble into three pieces: Hammers (9 pieces),
small stakes (14 pieces) and large stakes (nine pieces). I have
prepared three Word documents showing the items, with descriptions
and photos, and where available, a link to a retailer that sells the
same or similar item.

If anyone would like one, or more, of these files sent to them, just
send me an e-mail at: fredpilon (at), and I will
send the file(s) to you.

I have put a desired lot price in each document and will provide
free delivery to the New England/eastern New York states. For
shipment elsewhere, the actual shipping costs will be charged in
addition to the purchase price.

For those who prefer to surf, I have three files that show just the
photos and asking prices of the items:

If anyone could suggest a more appropriate forum for selling these,
please let me know. If there are no takers within a few weeks, then
they will be put on ebay.

Fred Pilon
fredpilon (at)