[4Sale] Showcases & Displays

We have:

3 - 1/3 view 6 foot display cases
2 - 1/2 view 6 foot display cases
3 - 1/3 view 5 foot display cases

These are lighted with a wood grain (maple?) finish. $25 per foot

We also have: 5 bookshelves that are 4 ft by 7 ft high and taper
from 16" to 8" deep, the se have a similar finish and have about 5
shelves each. $80 each And: 6 glass cube displays. These are 3 ft by
3ft, and 4.5 ft tall, 3 are lighted and have locking doors on 4 of
the 12 cubes that make up each unit. $100 each

We also have quite a bit of track lighting. Plain looking, but in
nice shape. $10 each for tracks or heads.

We’d be happy to deal if someone can take everything. We’re located
in Kent, Ohio. Please call 956-433-9744 or email offline with