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[4Sale] Selling my rolling mill

Hello everybody, I’m in a tight spot, and I need to sell a few
things. One is a 14K diamond and yellow sapphire hugs and kisses
ring, the other is my rolling mill. If interested, please contact me
off list.

Susannah Garcia

Hello Everyone,

I apologize to all who have written to me, I haven’t forgotten
anyone, it’s just that I took 17 hours this semester, and this week I
have four midterms, and last week I had to write a database from
scratch, learning lines of code almost in my sleep.

I should be able to come up for air by Thursday next, after I have
had at least two days to catch up my sleep and get ready for the
final and term paper for my mini-mester class.

Thank you for your letters and your patience, please bear with me!

Susannah Page-Garcia

Hello Everybody,

I’m so sorry I haven’t responded, an elephant’s worth has hit the
fan. I probably shouldn’t have taken 17 hours this semester, but I
want my degree already. The cost of gas, food, and babysitters (Oh
God, babysitter Hell- I miss the abuelitas I had in San Antonio) has
decimated my tuition savings, I finally got a job and then was laid
off a week later, the electricity was shut off, I can’t get natural
gas for heat because my credit is bad, for the past two weeks there
has been near-constant gunfire and I’ve had to move the kids into the
bathtub for their safety, and for a week I had a fever of 100+ with
chills, blinding headaches, and bronchitis.

I finally broke down and saw a doctor, and was diagnosed with
bronchial pneumonia. I could only afford the name, not the
prescription, so I’ve been medicating myself with jalepenos and hot
showers. There has been constant crisis for the past two months,
culminating this month with having my water shut off, due to
problems with the landlord and incompetance at city hall. At night I
lay on the floor, sometimes to pray, sometimes to stop the room from
spinning. The good news is I seem to be recovering from the
pneumonia I got earlier this month, and I got 102% on my Astronomy

Please forgive me. It hasn’t gotten any easier, I guess I’m just
getting used to a new normal. Other people have far more to complain
about, I’m sure.

The ring is white gold with yellow sapphires and a diamond, I still
have the POS paperwork somewhere in my file cabinet. I paid over
$800, and I’m asking for $450. The rolling mill has interchangeable
rollers; flat, half-round, and wire rollers. I’m asking for $350.

I’ll be rummaging through my tools to figure out what else I can
sell. I’m taking requests.

Friday or Saturday I should be able to get pictures up on my myspace

Thank you,
Susannah Garcia

Hello everyone,

I still have a little rolling mill for sale, I’m asking for $350,
but please feel free to make an offer. I also have an Ultrasonic for
sale ($75) and a set of Rio Grande daps for sale ($95).

I also still have the white gold, diamond, and yellow sapphire ring
for sale.

I live in Atlanta, GA.

Unfortunately, at this point, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to
finish my semester at GSU, because I don’t have enough to pay Dec.
rent. Right now, I’m just trying to get home to Texas, where there
are jobs.

Thank you,
Susannah Garcia