[4Sale] Selling all of shop

We’re selling everything we have in our shop. Meco Torch, benches,
files, buffing equipment, casing equipment, steamer, ultrasonic,
SAFES. Please contact Julie @ 815 540 0441

R & J Dennis, Ltd

Hi Julie,

If you’re selling safes, you’re best to tell people where… I can
guess from 815 that you’re probably somewhere near Chicago, but my
area code is four hours away from where I really am, so you never
can tell by phone numbers these days.

So. where are these large heavy things that you’d like to be rid of?



We’re in Loves Park, IL about 65 miles northwest of Chicago. We have
2 safes, a buff, 2 benches, burnout oven, vacuum, centrifuge… the
list goes on!

Richard and Julie Dennis