[4Sale] Salesman's cases

and a few misc. stones…

I have a few more brand new Bond St Brand 1 year warranted
Salesman’s cases available Made by Stebco in the UK of a proprietary
material called “Tuff-Hide”.They have a brass lock-U set the
combination and they are also Keyed. With fold over top flaps on
sturdy piano hinges to prevent any dirt or dust getting in easily.
They are basic black, wipe off with water or a micro-fibre cloth to
clean, but resist everything from dust to scuffs.

An application of matte "restore all " for car interiors, etc. keeps
them looking great if it becomes necessary (glossy finish stuff can
be used if desired just as easily). They hold gem trays nicely or
your printed material and sample trays, rolls, etc. They also make
good carry-ons for air travel being fairly indestructible- the sides
are quite rigid. I suppose the capacity is 4 full size trays stacked
on top of each other and a bit of space on top of that. I have some
with a storage flap in the top that holds a small digital camera,
voice recorder (I use them when discussing custom jobs or commissions
to review when drawing the rendering for proofing for the customer.),
promotional and incentive items, etc. You could slide a chart of
enamel chip colour samples beside the trays or the bulk of whatever
it is inside. in a word, they are roomy.

They aren’t cheap though. The retail averages between $122- 170.00
US depending on where you buy them. I’m selling them for $80.00 each
regardless of the model (2 different types at present)Students seem
to like them (probably because they are at the studio already and
look professional!) but on this order the manufacturer. sent me 6 too
many So I’m taking a loss over wholesale prices because they are
taking up a good bit of space. The buyer pays post too, and I’ll ship
them anywhere in the world by either USPS or an agreed upon carrier
other than DHL (too many damaged packages, missed promise times and
other incidents that weren’t positive) If you want more than one they
can possibly go into one giant box but that is iffy! Any Questions
contact me off Orchid.

I also remembered i have some misc. stones I will never use
available :.

Tigereye oval cabs 6x4mm- 6 to a parcel 10 bucks postpaid in USA,
Hematite rounds 6mm,6 each parcel- real not imitation will get red
dust everywhere if ground, or modified at all- 10 bucks postpaid in
USA, Garnets 3.75mm, faceted round brilliant cut, grade AAA- eye
clean, excellent colour saturation in a gem jar with cushion foam and
label. each stone $5.00 postpaid to US addresses, Can match stones on
request (sets of 2 or more available)- these are really nicely
coloured garnets i just have tons of them accidentally!..

parcel of assorted heart shaped stones- jade, almandine garnet, pink
tourmaline (rubelite), white sapphire, and a couple others-please
take em away for 35 bucks post pd. in the US- some are faceted, some
cabs good deal on a revolting shape- these were ordered for a client
that wanted birthstone charms made for her kids and grands but never
picked up the paid for pieces…3 years later I’m selling the stones,
I can assure you I’ll never use them but can’t toss em in the skip
either! Stones I would Use but am ready to sell : Diamonds, round
brilliant cut, D colour, VVS1 Quarter carat each $380.00,4 available
round brilliant cut, F colour VVS1 Quarter carat-.30 ea $ 475 each, 6
available round brilliant cut, D-E colour VVS1 half carat each $550.00
5 available 3 blue baguete/straight sided emerald cut diamond accent
stones,.07 each -40.00 ea. post paid US addresses