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[4Sale] Roland Pixa for CNC folks

Dear All,

I have a Roland Picza PIX-4 probe scanner I am going to sell. The
unit is almost new. If anyone is interested email me at
@T_R_Hawkinson_Ltd1. Other wise it’s Ebay here I come.

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson


Could you fill us in on what you were able to do with the scanner,
what its limitations are, and finally, why are you selling it.

Charles Friedman DDS with a New Hermes CNC machine
Ventura by the Sea

Dear All,

The Roland scanner is a great tool. The reason I am selling is that
I am moving up to a laser scanner. Quite a bit more money.

The Pixa is a probe scanner. This means a small point comes down and
touches the object you want to digitize. The resolution can be
adjusted with the software that comes with the unit. The maximum size
this unit will scan is an object 4 inches by 6 inches.

Once the object is scanned you can resize it on the surfacing
software you are doing CNC work with. ARTCAM, Cimigraphy and Type3
are currently the most popular. My choice so far is ARTCAM. I am
learning Matrix which is the 3D approach and may not work with my CAD

The parts I scan I make into master models and produce multiples of.
So if you get a part from me and the surface scan all you do is add
the surface detail to create a new model. The best example is a class
ring. Strip off all the detail and start with a large blank ring. Now
if you had the surface of this blank ring digitized, think of what
you could do with a computer.

Page 42 of the 2004 Rio tool catalog is me. The Pixa scans look like
a topical land map. These small steps will be replaced with the
optical scan which looks much more like the object. I do have a free
CD showing the process if anyone wants one. Just contact me off line.

Best Regard,
Todd Hawkinson