[4Sale] Rofin starweld 6002 laser

A THIRD laser welder is for sale $9999.00

It’s Christmas at Laser Town! A used laser is so hard to come by and
when they do they go fast. A THIRD laser is for sale. Another
jeweler has a LaserStar welder. Listed at $9,999.00 It’s listed on
eBay but below is some info on it

Item 231769984406

c It’s in New Yorkc 80 jule unitc Bought in 2002. Rofin Starweld
DX6002 Fully serviced in 2014 from Rofin factory personc Larger
monitor to see the workc Along with many other mundane checks, the
mirrors were aligned, voltage checked, new flash lamp added, new
power contacts installed, gaskets and water flow checked, etc etc.
This laser is ready to go. Argon tank and regulator includedcCan do
eye glass repair with this machinec All maintenance recordsand
instructions are included.

Shipping is extra
Contact the jeweler directly:
Freilich Jewelers
Allan Freilich
312 E 204th St
Bronx NY 10467
freilichjlrs@verizon. net