[4Sale] PMC kiln and tools

Hi everyone,

I have PMC kiln, tools and old PMC stock (read: dried out, needs to
be reconstituted) that I am looking to sell. I’ve finally decided
that PMC is not where I am ever going to go and being the tool junkie
that I am, it has taken me years to decide to bite the bullet and
recoup some of my losses.

The PMC kiln I have is 4 years old, from Rio and has been fired 3
times. It is in pristine condition. It is the larger model with a
small window in the door. I can give dimensions to anyone interested.
I also have an assortment of tools, PMC books and PMC videos (VHS)
that I’d like to clear out, too.

Please feel free to email me for a list of the items I have at
[Otterson at prtcnet dot org] if you are interested. I will accept
best offer on a lot of this stuff.