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[4Sale] Piles of beads

Hi Orchid Members,

I have a friend who has retired and has piles of beads she would like
to sell off. Is there a clearing house that she might be able to sell
her beads to. She would like to recover some of the investment she
has in these beads that she has accumulated over the years. Thank you
in advance.


Ken Moore


I see that there are some groups that are bead destash groups on

Slow, but you get more money.

Ken…To my knowledge, there’s no clearing house, which is
surprising considering their popularity.

However, your friend can dispose of them by many different means,
most of which require more effort on her part. She can open a shop on
a site like Etsy, she can sell them at flea markets in her area, she
can advertise them and sell them out of her home, privately or in a
garage sale situation, or she can give them away.

Beads are so particular to each person’s eye and creations, that
even us 40 year beaders rarely even purchase beads for each other. If
a beader’s focus is current styles, there will be beads left over
when the styles change, so they end up just giving away out of
fashion beads to craft teachers and children. It’s hard to put them
in your will because each generation wants to choose their own. If
however, she has a well organized selection of Swarski vintage glass,
she might be able to interest a dealer by contacting them at a Gem
show, and inviting them to see the collection at her home. (Bad form
to attempt to sell to dealers at show.)

The mostly impossible task of reselling “used” beads without making
them into jewelry has been the only limiting factor in my collection,
and I’m thankful for the realization. Otherwise I would be swimming
in beads, instead of just paddling.

Good luck.
Mary Jane St. Amand

If you go to Facebook and search “Bead” and “Destash” you will find
several groups that do exactly what she wants. I would choose a group
with the most members, and go from there. There is one that I think
is named Beads and Jewelry Supplies Destash. If they are Sterling,
(NOT TIBETAN SILVER) I would love to see them.

Hi Ken, I don’t know where you live but there are a few places in RI
that might purchase her beads. Wolf Myrow Close Out, and Waliga’s.

I just saw this email.

buys and sells rhinestones, brass findings, beads, etc.

I purchase from them. I am a very satisfied customer.

Veva Bailey

Thank you Helen,

My friend has no computer or as she calls it fancy equipment which
makes it difficult now days. I will print off all of the replies and
snail mail them to her.

She lives in North Aurora, Illinois and I live in Fort Collins,

She or we will have to wade through the great that
everyone has provided and try to make some good choices. It may take
a while to get organized, but I think I can help her. She has had a
rough 3 years.

Thank you to everyone,

The last time I needed to get rid of surplus beads and beading
findings I gave them to Pear a Portland Or. organization that gives
homeless kids a safe place to make art and learn music.

Jo Haemer

I have a missionary project here in Panama and a 501c nonprofit
corporation in the USA that anyone can donate beads and or jewelry
tools to for a tax deduction. We have a project in Panama S. A.
Where we are teaching the blind, visually impaired and handicapped
how to make jewelry and sell it so they can make a living. It is
called Vision of Hope Panama and the nonprofit is the Holy Cross
Educational Foundation in the USA. For more info please contact me.

We are looking at setting up a similar program in Ireland this year.
Maybe the USA in a couple of years…

We start out teaching them how to do beading then move them into the
actual making of the beads and cutting and setting stones as well as
casting and finishing of the jewelry.

In Panama I started this 5 months ago with the help of the Episcopal
Church here who donated the space and utilities. Simply amazing what
they can do. Opened my eyes for sure…

If anyone has gently used tools or supplies please keep us in

Hello, Vernon! What an amazing thing to do! I have beads I can send.
Can I get your address?

Thank you for doing that Vernon. I can’t imagine how incredibly
difficult that would be.

Barbara M. Bear

For what it’s worth, she might try contacting local art clubs,
beader’s groups, YMCA or other organizations who might teach classes
in jewelry making - perhaps she could make a mass sale, but to a
group of individuals - sorry, it’s late and I really hope that makes


I’m in the same boat. Am closing down my jewelry business and have
literally hundreds of beads, both strands and singles. If you get any
would you be willing to share? It is shameful to have so
many nice beads and suddenly find yourself not making anything else
anymore (hands just won’t function but them I’m 84 soee?

But if you find any way to get some dollars out of this stuff, would
appreciate your letting me know. I’ve given tumbler, bead blaster,
and kiln to a jewelry school gratis, but am tired of giving
everything away for nothing. So if anyone is interested, I have tons
of beads, etc. and lots of copper and some silver (sheets) left, and
of course 22 pair of pliers not to mention a ton of silver wire of
all sizes (at one time I used to make chains - HA HA HA! Did manage
to get rid of my acetylene (gave it to a carpenter who could use the
half tank full and was delighted to have the tank!) But I have given
away enough stuff now, so am interested in some cash for what I have.
Anybody want anything? Got an entire studio to get rid of! Pliers
(about 22 pair), attachments galore for flex shaft (talking here
about sanding discs etc.) some actual attachments, closing down my
studio so have lots of stuff of all kinds. Let me know if you need
anything and if I have it we’ll talk.

Kay Vontz

Kay can you take pictures or tell us what state you are in, I am
always interested in tools, flex shaft attachments, silver sheet and
wire! I also have an ebay site where I sell collections for other
people for a fee.

There are facebook pages to sell your items.


The most difficult thing was opening my eyes to see… we do classes
2x a week 10:00-3:00 so 10 hours a week. Not much time considering
what I get back from seeing them move forward and make money to live
on. I have 4 volunteers that help out so my time now is now only a
couple of hours a week.

The shipping address is
Vernon Wilson
C/O Delvi Inc.
7925 NW 66th Street
Miami, Fl. 33166

Please include a rough list of what you are sending (Donation 300
beads for Vision of Hope Panama) example and they need a value…
$25.00 will make them happy. I still have to pay import duties until
I get through all the paperwork here… :slight_smile: For the US tax deduction
just email me a invoice for the actual value you think they are
worth and I will forward it to the foundation and they will then
send you the receipt you need for taxes…

Sell your silver sheet and wire to Rio Grande or similar resource
for turning in scrap. Price seems to be rising again.

Sell your silver sheet and wire to Rio Grande or similar resource
for turning in scrap. Price seems to be rising again. 

Thanks for the suggestion, may do just that!


I have seen tons of stuff move on Facebook groups. I run a group for
people to destash: Gemstone Bead Group (still small) Sui Generis is a
good one with alot more activity: The Artist Garage allows anything
BUT beads: with serious jewelers shopping Metalsmiths Swap Meet: Hope
this helps! If you have any trouble with these links let me know.

AND, Im personally always on the look out for tools and equipment
(tumbler, hammers, pliers, etc.) so please email me with pics and
prices if you get a chance!

Christine Jones

-I was going to suggest those Facebook groups as well. I too am
interested in tools if you care to share pics of what you have.-

I would be interested in purchasing the whole collection of beads,
but I need to know what you have.



I sent you an email (reply to sender) about being interested in
jewelry supplies you want to sell, but never got a reply. Did you
receive? Anne Sockwell, Auburn, AL