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[4Sale] Paragon E9-AX Kiln

Hi Everyone,

I am ready to sell my old friend the Paragon e-AX Kiln with a Paragon
Portable Pyrometer. Isn’t funny how you can become attached to your
tools? Anyway, the kiln works the same as the day I got it and
doesn’t have any damage to the bricks or element. The floor is clean
of glass. This was used mainly for enameling and recently for fusing
glass. I am selling both for $425 or best offer. Please send me an
email if you are interested. The kiln is in CT.

Here are the specs:

e-AX Interior dimensions: 8-1/2"w x 9"d x 4-1/2"h (.19 cubic ft.).
Exterior dimensions: 14"w x 18"d x 16-1/4"h. Volt: 120 Amp: 9.2 KW:
1.1 Approx. Shipping weight: 60 lbs. Variable Temperature Control:
1650F Max. Temp.

The pyrometer is used to measure the temperature inside the furnace
firing chamber. The pyrometer features a needle readout.

Have a beutiful and creative day!