[4Sale] or Trade 10inch sheet mill

well i seam to make a lot of mistakes lately I found this great 10
inch sheet mill ya that right 10 inch wide. I have been longing to
play with making bowls and trays but in needed somthing bigger then
my 3 inch mill would provide and it takes me 2 hours to change over
from wire to sheet. this came from a estate sale and they did not
even know what it was. it was old and a little rust that cleaned up
nice it adjust with 2 screws instead of one so i adjust it all the
way down and then turn the adjustment screws a 1/4 turn at a time a
heave spring pushes the rollers back together but opens up to
adjusted size when you roll the sheet. the handle looks like it might
have been replaced at some point. after i used it the first time i
could see why it was replaced. my other mill is a 4to1 gear reduction
which is enough to make me break out in a sweat when i use it but
this on is a 1to1 no reduction. so you have to be strong very strong
to use it. thought of putting a motor on it but realized i would have
to spend a lot to get a motor that would work. I still want a sheet
mill but i think i will settle for a 3 or 4 inch wide. with at least
a 4to1 reduction wish i had gotten a mill that could do both wire and
sheet with out changing out the rollers. but i was working on a cheap
very cheap budget. and still am. will take best offer or trade for
another mill fits in a large flat rate USPS box so shipping will not
be bad and the base is lighter then my other one but the rollers are
heavy. it does work but this should be owned by a man with big strong
arms or the smarts to attach a motor.

chasingtool at yahoo dot com
best wishs
jen lane