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[4Sale] Old clock gears and parts

I have loads of old clock gears and parts. Before I put it online
for sale, I offer it here for $10 per pound. Please contact me off
list for details

dennis at dwk dot us



Old clock gears with their attached shafts can often be used for wax
carving. They can be chcked right into the handpiece. Perhaps you
could offer them for that purpose. I don’t need a whole pound but
wouldn’t mind buying a few from you.

John in Indiana

Thank you for the reply. I have sold the gears that I have, but I
have worked out an agreement with one person who will take over
this. She is willing to disassemble many more motors and clocks and
inventory the gears and parts. I do not have the time nor
inclination to do so. The other parts I was talking about would be
complete clock movements and clocks, the clock plates by themselves,
etc. Please look at the following links to see what I have. Prices
upon request. Please give me a bit of time to respond, as I am doing
a major cleanup of my garage.

Look at pics here

Also, I have many complete clocks in need of work. My same request

Look at pics here

Dennis K. From Cary, North Carolina

Whew! That’s a lot of clocks! I was thinking of old style windup
clocks. I guess it would be difficult to decide what would be useful
without seeing the gears “in person”. Maybe your local scrap dealer
is your best bet?