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[4Sale] Ney Vulcan Furnace

Hi Orchidians!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am selling a brand new,
never been used Ney Vulcan Furnace 3-550 with programmable controls.
It comes with owner’s manual & power cords for both American and
European operation. My landlord just wasn’t comfortable with the
idea of a kiln and I’m going to be in this space for a while. I
figure it just wasn’t the right time. This kiln is great for wax
burnout, PMC or Art Clay firing, glass slumping, enameling-basically
just about anything a medium size kilncan be used for.

This kiln has a wide operating temperature range from 122F- 2012F
and has a high performance/hybrid muffle which has a longer life and
is more durable than fiber. It is faster heating and cooling than
firebrick. The smooth, low force vertical lift door gives maximum
access with minimum vertical space.

It comes with a built-in programmable LED controller(sells for
around $750 or more by itself) with 9 three stage programs (6
segments each). Once programmed, the parameters are retained in
memory even with the loss of power. This controller also contains a
Delay Start operation that enables the user to program the cycle
completion time rather than calculating the start time. You can
program the kiln to fire up to 7 days later.

The 3-550 runs on 200-240V and weighs approximately 51 lbs. The
exterior of the kiln is 17" x 16" x 15". The chamber dimensions are
9" x 9" x 7". Shipping weight is approximately 62 lbs. I am selling
it for $1,500 plus shipping costs. If you look on the net you will
see that you are saving a few hundred dollars. Anyone interested can
email me at @Paula_E_Richardson or call me at 785-393-4439. I can
also email pics. Thanks! Paula