[4Sale] New Tools at half price

Hello fellow Orchidians,

I have a few items from my studio that I would like to sell and
thought I would give you the opportunity first before I try other
options such as Craig’s list and eBay. In every instance the item is
NEW and has not been used! Trust me, you will be getting a great deal
and I will have the peace of mind that these items will be going to a
studio where they will be USED with love! Suffice it to say that in
the beginning of my infatuation with metalsmithing and jewelry I
wanted to do everything and was like a kid in a toy store with money
in my pocket. Then I realized I had a passion for certain things and
not others so some of my toys were never used.

Anyway, my list is below. In most cases I’m listing the Rio part
number, one item is from Contenti, and asking approximately BD the
catalogue price + actual shipping. Shipping will be determined by
your location, the weight of the item and how you want it shipped.
Paypal, cashiers check or money order is fine. I can also process
credit cards. Please email me offline with questions and purchasing
requests so we don’t overload the server. I can be reached at

Please contact the author off list for the complete list of tools at