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[4Sale] More shop tools for sale


As you know I put out a list of tools/equipment/showcases for sale
every other month.

I have a very good friend who used to work for me as my shop
foreman, he’s now retired and wants to unload some shop equipment
(picture attached)

If you’d be interested in these items send me a DM and I’ll give you
his contact he’s about 45 minutes north of me here in

He has
Electro plater (new $155) price = $70
ring stretcher (new $179) price = $90
wax injector (new $455) price=$200
burnout oven (new $595) price= $175
steammaster steamer (new $1200) price= $600 does not have an
electronic petal
vulcanizer (new- 885) price= $500 aluminum mold
total $1635.00

Pictures at my website

Then scroll down to the lower area marked “February 22, 2014 LAST

David Geller