[4Sale] Laser welder

I don’t send out email blasts on items for sale anymore but
occasionally there’s something of interest.

This jeweler has a LASER WELDER FOR SALE.

Looks like 100 jules, it’s 8 years old. Camillo says it works fine.
He works in New York and is going to retire to Florida.

He has a whole shop full of tools to unload, everything’s for sale.

He’s asking $13,500 for the laser welder, in NY. So if being shipped
buyer will pay for crating and shipping costs.

Here’s a link for on the laser welder. I think it’s the
LM 500.

Below is his contact This is between you and the
seller. I know nothing of the seller or his items for sale, he just
asked if I could help him sell it.


David Geller