[4Sale] Lapidary equipment

I am posting this for a friend. You may e-mail me for images.

George Johnson - 501-982-1163 (near Little Rock, AR)

All items together with extras: $2,000

Star Diamond Model 6P-8 $200 lapidary unit with extra wheels, motor
and belt Olympic Polisher Model 10 - $425 extra dust filter

Star Diamond Model 10 $275 extra blade and oil, has vise and guide

Star Diamond Model 10 $425 power feed, extra blade and oil

Lortone LS18 Saw $975 has power feed, extra 18" new blade, mounted
in wood box on casters, extra oil

VibraLap $50

VibraLap and a Pickle Pot $50

Extra Supplies - grinding wheels, sanding belts, dop pot,dop wax,

Hi Everyone

I have some lapidary equipment that I would like to sell. This
equipment was given to me by my father-in-law, is about 25 years old
and has been in storage for about 10 years. This would pretty much
give someone about anything they need to get started in lapidary
work. He used this for a hobby only, so it has seen very little use.

There is a Diamond Pacific Genie cabbing machine with 6 grinding
wheels, attached work light and cab rest. All the tubes for the
lubricating system are in place and appear to work fine. I also have
the magnifier attachment, but the plastic holder is broken. I am
sure someone could fix it. This machine is in really good condition
except for some obvious age. The plastic has turned yellow. I have
tried it out and it all works as far as I can tell. There is also a
Rock Rascal dop heater and wax sticks and a set of 10 aluminum cab
templates. I also have a Raytech 6" diamond saw with blade, but
there is no motor for this. There is also some polishing grit and a
few other small items that can go with everything.

I would like to find a home for it locally because I don’t have a way
to ship the cab machine. And I would like to sell it all together if
possible. If anyone is interested, please email me OFFLINE at
[dianadjones AT me.com] and I can send some photos and we can talk