[4Sale] KC Titanium prototype garagesale

Hi guys,

All of this talk about saws caused Lee to take a look at the shelves
behind the bench, and discover that we still have some of the early
prototypes for the titanium saws.

I mention this because they’re a little different: we standardized
on a 5" saw for production, but we made up a batch of 3’s, 5’s and
8’s when we were prototyping. The 3’s didn’t get into production
because they’re insanely stiff, and the 8’s just eat up too much
material. (Remember: we only have so much of the AF surplus titanium.
When that’s gone, we have to re- design the Ti line.)

So, we have one single 3" Ti frame left. It’s a pale blue (I was
experimenting with anodizing. Not so hot.) and it’s screw tensioned.
(Will take the lever retrofit kit when that becomes available, but
no swivels.) We have ?2? 5" prototype 5" frames that do have the
lever, but not the swivels. And–more importantly–we have six 8" Ti
frames. I think they all have levers, but no swivels. The biggest
thing about them is that they are by far the most rigid deep frames
you’ll ever see, and when they’re gone, that’s it. We’re not making
more. They’re all $125 each (plus shipping).

If you’re interested, let me know directly, and we’ll work out the