[4Sale] Jewelers tools and showcases

Each month I post for my fellow jewelers items for sale as well as
items people want

This months list includes:

F O R S A L E Item Page in PDF filw

Showcases for sale, 2-20 (almost 10pages of cases), Precious Metal
Tester 21, Collection of silver Rembrandt charms, Hildalgo rings for
sale 42, Rolans Jewelry Model Maker 22-24, Polishing Dust Collecter
25, New Hermes Engraver 26, Shop Tools of all types 27-41 (almost 10
pages of tools)

W A N T E D T O B U Y Item wanted Page in pd file

Showcases 44, 46, Laser Welder 45, 47 (3), Refractometer 45, Shop
tools, camera, microscope 46, Sparkie II Fusion welder, 47, Engravers
ball, Ultrasonic cleaning machine 47, Engravers Ball & Ultrasonic
cleaner 47, Gemvision Software & dongle (2) 48, Complete watchmakers
shop, tools, parts, everything to do with the watchmaker. We buy it
all 49, Computerized engraving machine, inside ring engraver (2) 50,
TLTL60x6 ISM Safe, 51, B200 Vibrograf 51, Rofin EasyJewel Laser
Engraving System F-20 Series 52,

Many great showcases and also a LOT of great tools and in great
shape as well.

To get the pdf file, go to my website and click on the blue
underlined PDF file


David Geller