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[4Sale] Indian necklace

A woman contacted me concerning some Indian jewelry that had
belonged to her grandmother, recently deceased. She said there were
several pieces and some of them were not styles she would wear so she
was interested in trying to sell some of them.

I do not know this lady personally.

She describes one necklace as made of large silver beads with a
large “horseshoe” (naja?) centerpiece and a very large piece of
turquoise. I asked about any maker’s mark evident on the piece and
she checked and described what looked to her to be a star and perhaps
a sun but said the mark was very small.

If anyone is interested please contact me off forum for her email

Thank you.
Pam Chott

Hi Pam,

I am pretty familiar with Indian Jewelry, and have a book of Indian
Stamps, “Hallmarks of the Southwest”, and their makers. If you can
send me a picture of the marks on the back, with a picture of the
jewelry, I will be happy to shed some light on the approximate

Love and God Bless