[4Sale] Gem III Steamer, Fretz Stakes & Hammers

I have to admit that I am a tool junky. My work has moved in a
different direction and I find my self in need of space in my shop.
So either I have to blow out the side wall of the studio and make it
big. This has lots of great merits. More room for tools! But alas to
expensive. Or make space by replacing equipment that I don’t use for
stuff I will use. This will give me room for a guillotine shear.

So, all equipment is newish less than 6 months used half a dozen
times. No scratches or dings. Hammers in excellent shape. Fretz
will not be sold individually. Kits only i.e. Forming, Bezel,
Hammers. Purchasers pay shipping. I will ship UPS insured.

Hoffman Gem III Instant Steamer - $500.00
Matchs conventional steamers for steam power and pressure. Produces
up to 125 PSI of dry, powerful steam in minutes! It does not hold
water under pressure, it’s versatile, portable, and steams
instantaneously. 110 volt with foot switch solenoid, (80-125PSI, 12"L
X 8"W X 11-1/2"H, 24 lbs.), Does not require boiler permit, Uses
distilled water,

Fretz Steel Hammers $150.00
Set of four Fretz hammers, one each of: Plainishing, Wide Raising,
Narrow Raising, and Large Embossing

Fretz Set of 6 Forming Stake Kit Includes: $400.00
Beak Stake F-1, Double Convex Stake F-2, Shell Stake F-6, Thin Shell
Stake F-7Horn Stake F-8, Convex/Concave Stake F-9, Wood stake holder
and steel stake holder, W/wood block.

Fretz Set of 10 Mini Bezel Kit Includes: $400.00 Four bezel forming
stakes with sharp edges B-1, B-2, B-3, & B-4, Two bezel forming
stakes with rolled edges B-5 & B-6, One standard raising stake R-1,
Three 14mm mushroom stakes M-1, M-2 & M-3, Wood stake storage holder
and steel stake holder with wood block.

Extras. Two Tapered Raising Stakes, Oval Ring R-2 and Round Ring R-3.

All inquires please email me personally at
Tim J
LaTouche Goldsmiths