[4Sale] Fretz hammers, bezel punches, engraving items

I love studio clean out time. I posted yesterday that I had some
engraving equipment for sale. As I continued to clean, I found more
tools I have purchased and am not using.

Fretz Hammers and stakes (New still in wrapping)

Stake holder and wooden block with mounting hardware $54 (stake
holder $54 new, wooden block $24 new), B-1 bezel flat $40 ($47new), B-
bezel low dome $40 ($47 new), B-3 Bezel high dome $40 ($47 new), B-6
Bezel rolled edge dome $40 ($47 new), The above for $200 plus

Some very light use Planishing hammer $40 ($50 new), Narrow raising
hammer $40 ($50 new), Rounded tapered raising stake $44 ($54 new), B-
Trillion undercut stake $37 ($47 new), F-1 Double Convex stake $ 75
($85 new), The above for $220 plus shipping,

All the Fretz tools for $410 plus shipping

Bezel forming blocks and punches with very little use:

Triangle: $95 ($140 new), Oval: $95 ($140 new), SquaRe: $75 ($110
new), Round: $70 ($140 new) (punch has some rust on it but can be
cleaned up),

All the bezel forming blocks and punches: $330 plus shipping

And the engraving equipment again for those who missed it the first

The Gravermeister is $600 ($1279 new), The engraving ball vise $230
($488 new), Power Hone $250 ($379 new + sharpener fixture $92 new),
The engraving equipment $1070 plus shipping.

Shipping will be exact cost from Connecticut and will depend on
where you live. The Fretz hammers and stakes will fit into a flat
rate box. The punches will too, but are very heavy so will probably
need to be shipped in two boxes. The engraving equipment will require
large boxes for shipping, so ground would be most economical.

If you want to purchase all the tools listed here the price is $1800
and I will pick up shipping. But only if you are purchasing all the

If you have any question please contact me off list. Thank you.