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[4Sale] Foredom allset

Hi, I have an unused foredom allset for setting stones. It is
probably 5years old, but still in box, just haven’t gotten into
setting stones. I am interested in selling it. I looked on Rio Grande
and Stuller, they only have the new extended Master kit with hand
piece ($450-$500). This is the basic kit, no hand piece, comes with
video - asking $175. You can email me [AJMstudios at juno dot com]

Hello, I was incorrect yesterday with my posting. I have the foredom
allset prong guide. Prong-setting is so fast and accurate! With this
adjustable prong guide, you’re assured a level cut and uniform
height every time.

The stainless steel guide prevents scratching and grabbing the

Simply adjust the guide to get a level cut and achieve consistent,
even cuts on square, round or other prong shapes. The guide also
includes an adjustable rear guide to control the depth of cut.
Designed to fit any AllSet[tm] kit

Brand: AllSet Country of origin: USA Catalog page: 2010 Toolsand
Equipment Catalog p.308 Item Number: 117953Price: $89.00 Will Sell
for $65