[4Sale] Fenn Rolling Mill

Dear Orchidians,

We are taking bids (e-mail or written) for a rolling mill that was
manufactured by Fenn, donated by the military for metal research.

I don’t have too many details at this time. It is currently wired
for 440V, 3phase. It is disconnected now, but I have seen it work.
The rollers have an eight inch rolling surface, and are about six
inch in diameter. There is a second set of rollers on the floor that
appear to be an unused spare.

I can start answering any questions that you have, starting Monday
August 22nd. You can request photos at that time also. It will be
moved to make room for a new lab, so I don’t expect it will be at a
convenient location for very long. Visits to inspect the machine are

Jeff Simkins
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH