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[4Sale] Excellent Diamonds

Hello Orchid

I have a recently divorced customer that is wanting to - as she said
"grind up the ring, melt it down,or throw it in the river ".
It is a custom job I did back in the 80’s and has 18 dwt’s of 18kt
gold in an interlocking band (- which I will be keeping!) But there
are some very nice diamonds in the piece, all for sale. If anyone is
interested here is the basic

there is one 1.25 ct- 7mm IF, F/G colour solitaire in a refined 6
prong 14kt.Tiffany setting ( that could be sold with the stone and
easily re attached to your job):

and 12, 10pt. round brilliant VVS diamonds surrounding the heavy
fully azured band. If anyone is interested in all or some of these
high quality stones please contact me off the forum to discuss the
options She would like to get rid of it as soon as possible and it
could save any of you some money over rap or wholesale prices…