[4Sale] Enamelling supplies

In all the cleaning I had to do in my studio to find Spike, my
hedgehog who lives in my studio, and yes, I found him. I realized
just how much stuff I have, that I never use. I don’t enamel, and
yet, I have everything for enameling. I might as well sell all the
enamels, tools and theDT-1 Dual Temp Enameling furnace. Most of the
enamel is old, and probably leaded. I know most of it is pre-1994
thanks to a letter postdated 1994 in the stuff I got. I know serious
and hardcore enamelists like the old leaded enamels due to brighter
colors, so I rather sell the enamels I have to a professional than
to a school.

I also have some fine silver granules, .024-0.26 and.016-0.8 size,
almost a half oz total, from SPM that I bought over 10 years ago.
The fine silver granules have not tarnished and are still like new,
in their original containers.

Let me know if you are interested. I could use the space in my
studio, that the enamals, tools and kiln are occupying.


Thank you all for your interest in my enamelling tools and supplies.
Ihad so many responses, it was a little insane, just how much
interest there was for my enamels. I already sold the granules, and
the enamels are now heading for their new home.

I do have a non-Bonny Doon hydraulic press that I no longer need. I
hadit made for me, so it is 20 ton press, no pressure gauge, but
works theway I need it to work. Since the economy made it clear
handcrafted flatware is not sellable, I have given up my retail
flatware line and therefore the press is no longer needed. It is
12-13 years old. I could usethe space it occupies. I have one stake

  • handlebar T stake with tapered oval ends T-Stake:9-3/4"L x 1-1/4"W
    #071-03 from Allcraft. I don’t need it and only used it once. Still
    in excellent condition and I kept it covered. Email me if you want
    pics I’m based in NH, so I don’ t think I can ship the hydraulic
    press and rather have it be picked up.

Once again, thanks for your interest.