[4Sale] Enamelling kiln

For a number of reasons, none of them happy, I’m having to dispose
of my workshop. One of the biggest items is the kiln I built myself.
I used to work for a company called Kempson & Mauger, an
old-fashioned enamelling workshop that was owned by the goldsmith
Peter McCabe of McCabe McCarty. Many years later I wanted to start
enamelling again and looked around for kilns.

The problem I found was that they all had small chambers. I’d used
small ones before and found them frustrating because as soon as you
opened the door the temperature dropped dramatically. I was used to
working with a huge, gas-fired kiln, but gas wasn’t a practical
option in my garage and so I decided to build an electric one myself
to specifications that suited me.

It’s not pretty, but it’s very solid and very practical. The frame
is steel and it has a lid to make maintenance of the firebricks easy.
Here are some pictures.


Kiln Specifications

Case: Mild steel welded frame and door with mild steel panels
Interior dimensions (cm): 20W x 20H x 34D
Exterior dimensions (cm): 37W x 55H x 49D
Weight: No idea. It’s pretty heavy.
Crydom CKR 2420 Solid State Relay
RKC CB100 Digital Controller and thermocouple
Kanthal Heating Elements (from Budget Casting LLC)
Insulation and firebricks from Corby Kilns Ltd
Time to reach 1,000C ~60 mins
Max temp: I don’t know! The elements are rated up to ~1,260C and I
have taken it to 1,100C

Additional items included:

5 spare Kanthal elements
Pinning wire
Spare insulating bricks
A solid pair of blacksmiths tongs

I also have enamels, pestles and mortars, acids and various other
equipment that I need to find a home for.

Having looked at the prices of new kilns of this sort of size and
specification (plus the extras) I think that UKP 600 seems a
reasonable price, but I might be open to a reasonable offer. If you
are interested then please let me know

Jon Coyle
(jon at subtleminds dot net)

Hello Jon,

Beautiful kiln. Looks very similar to the one I refurbished (with
help). Where are you located? I am not in the market for a kiln,
although tempted, but prehaps the enamels and “various equipment”.