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[4Sale] Dutch goldsmith studio and antique tools

Coenraad Zielstra, a Dutch Master Gold and Silversmith, immigrated
and established his studio and gallery in Bellingham, WA over 20
years ago. I am selling my late husband’s lovely studio of antique
European smithing tools and exquisite antique mahogany cabinets and
furniture. His tool collection is extensive and all antiques are
functional as well as beautiful. See photos and more info about this
rare opportunity at 

This is a fantastic collection of tools and one of the very best
retail locations to be had in Bellingham. Check it out, if you are
looking for an opportunity like this, it is a one of a kind…

I live in Bellingham and if I had the temperament to run a retail
store I would jump at this. Conrad’s collection of tools and store
furniture is amazing. I hope that someone will be able to take
advantage of this.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts