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[4Sale] Display cases

Jewelry store closing, display cases for sale.

Hi members,

I have had ten and a half wonderful years running my own jewelry
store. I started in a second floor walkup space that was hardly
bigger than a walk in closet and eventually graduated to a 1,300 sf
space in the heart of Portland’s best shopping district. My current
5 year lease will end at the end of August and I have made what I
consider to be an exciting decision: I will be closing the physical
location of my store and bringing it to an online only platform.
There have been several reasons for this. One, (obviously) is that
the economy has not been terribly supportive. Two, the overhead is
MUCH lower when running an online store. Three, I have been more of
a sales person in my own store over the last ten + years than I have
been a metalsmith working in my studio. I’m eager to spend more time
actually FABRICATING. Four, I am wanting the freedom to travel
which, when you’re tied to a store schedule, is next to impossible.

I have begun listing many of my larger jewelry cases and other
various store fixture, all of which will be available for pickup mid
August. I have some absolutely beautiful maple jewelry cases with
lighting that were custom made for me that would look beautiful in
any store, just to name one thing. I have put together a photo album
on my facebook page which is set to “public” so that everyone may
view it. A few things are already spoken for which you’ll be able to
see in the comments section under the respective photo of the item.
I’d love to have all cases spoken for by the time I close the doors
on Sept. 1st so I won’t have to move them into storage. Feel free to
email me or better yet, message me on facebook with any questions or
to let me know if you’re interested in buying something. Here’s the
link to my public album on facebook:

(If it doesn’t show up as a clickable link, just highlight it, then
copy and paste it into your browser to go to the album.) As you can
imagine, I’m super busy with store closing preparations so PLEASE
have a look at the photos and read the descriptions in my public
facebook album before contacting me with any questions. Thank you.

Polly Spencer
Mary Amalia Jewelry

Hello All!

I am typically lurk on the forums every night before I go to sleep.
This is my first post, although it is not specifically for myself.

I work at a jewelry store in Raleigh that is getting ready to
combine both locations in to one, larger location down the road. The
owner is upgrading/updating all of our cases so we now have a
collection of 31 matching Jahabow half vision cases; 4ft, 8ft and
window cases with spacers and end caps.

I guess I want to know if anyone in the immediate area would be
interested in these cases, if anyone knows somebody else that would
be interested in these cases, or anyone has suggestions as to how to
sell them. They are currently featured on Craigslist and Ebay,
however I am looking for additional avenues.

I am appreciative for any or advice.

Thank you in advance!