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[4Sale] Custom made Onglette Gravers Set

Dear all on Orchid

As you probably know I am a facilitator in preparing Onglette
gravers for everyone…I was at the “Electric Park Learning Center” in
Tuscon and gave 2 seminars on the advantages of using these
remarkable stone-setting Onglette Gravers.

I am offering you all a basic selection of 2 (two) finished “ready
to use” gravers… A donation will be made to Orchid with every

Each purchase will contain a cd with copius amounts of diamond
setting plus a video on “How I Grind Gravers”. I feel
only the basic 2 gravers will now be needed.

The price to Orchidians will be $55.00 plus S&H of $10.00 for a
total of $65.00 I accept Paypal or a personal check. For further
details, contact me at @Gerald.

Shipments will go out within 2 days.

Gerry Lewy