[4Sale] Collapsible wooden show displays


I am going to part with my collapsible wooden jewelry display cases.
They were handmade for me and really nice, I don’t really know how
to price a glass fronted oak case with maple legs. Does anyone know
of a website where people sell these sorts of things?

I seem to remember seeing somebody on here who did listings.


Several people with Verizon.net accounts asked about my display
cases, all the responses I sent to Verizon folks bounced. I’m sorry
to send info this way but I can’t figure out how to respond to these
fellow Orchidites otherwise.

Karen (in Chicagoland for those who asked)

I used these for 5 or so years until I switched to my first love,
enameling, now I do wall pieces at art shows and just a little
jewelry, not enough to justify jurying for shows (for those who
asked why I was willing to part with them). I don’t see my self going
back to it any time soon and there is a chance we are moving so I’m
starting to think about what I could live without.

They were handmade from Oak and Maple and beautifully finished by a
master woodworker. My husband and I always said that they were the
best pieces of furniture we owned.

They are each just over 24" by 24" and 45" at their highest while on
the stand, the front is quite a bit shorter which was what Bruce
Baker suggested…

I live west of Chicago and would be willing to drive an hour or two
if necessary to meet someone coming from farther away. I would prefer
not to ship. I’ll be in Milwaukee for Morning Glory in a few weeks
and could bring them there. I’m about 1 1/2 hrs. from Milwaukee, 3
1/2 hrs. from Indianapolis.

There are 4 cases, I would put them in and L shape on the front and
one side of the booth based on the show layout and put a small
corner cabinet in the corner of the L with several necklace or
bracelet stands on it. If I didn’t have a side or corner booth they
fit nicely across the front of a 10’ booth.

There is a shelf that sits underneath each one for storage, the
velcro you see was to attach various booth skirts, I had several
different kinds concluding with a plain cream cotton version that I
draped with different sheer materials depending on the season and the
show. If I can find the cream skirts I’ll throw those in, but I’ll
have to look!

Pictures show the case on the stand, the stand folded flat for
transport, the back interior door that opens and folds down flat for
easy access during a show and for locking if you are alone and don’t
want to leave them open. You can see in one photo that I currently
have dark green interiors but I had filled them with lentils at one
point (a bit messy but nice) or any different covering. There are a
couple of inches to work with to allow for depth.

I don’t want to send photos through Orchid so I’ll also post some in
my facebook photo file so I don’t gum up your e-mail too much.

See: KSE Enamels

Look at the photos of Jewelry Cases for Sale.