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[4Sale] Cloud Dome lighting kit

I am selling my Cloud Dome Gold Kit that is featured in Rio Grande’s
catalog for $285.00. My kit was purchased a few years back and I used
it infrequently. It comes with the Standard Universal bracket for
mounting your camera to, the straight extension collar, the angled
extension collar, the domicile carry-all bag and of course the cloud
dome itself with misc. parts/screws/paperwork, etc.

The cloud dome is in excellent condition, not scratched up or worn,
or cracked - it looks new! I have not used it much simply because I
have a person who has been photographing my work and he prefers to
use other features, therefore my cloud dome sits unused.

It’s an excellent tool for DIY photographers for capturing your
jewelry images with the proper lighting dispersed onto the work.

*This kit does not come with any lights, they are sold separately.
This kit does not come with the gold or silver reflectors either,
they were not sold with my kit when I purchased it.

I am asking half of the retail price at $142.00 plus the cost to
ship it. If you want to take a closer look at the images, product
description, please refer to Rio’s Tools catalog, page 235. Please
contact me directly, offline, if you are interested or have
questions. Thanks!

Sara D. Commers, CBJ
Studio C Designs
952 797 7777