[4Sale] Centrifugal casting machine

for sale one brand new never been used vigor centrifugal casting
machine ca-1030j with x-large flask…contact me off list…

rick sindeband
skystone and silver llc

I am selling my centrifugal casting machine. Details are as follows:

Model: HR (nearly identical to the Spring Driven Centrifugal Casting
Machine shown in Rio’s catalog pg 578, but without the wooden handle
to turn the lever)

21 inch broken arm mechanism (the other 3 inches in the Rio picture
is the wooden handle)

The cradle accommodates flasks up to 4" x 6"- I usually use 3 1/2
inch diameter.

Included with the caster aRe: bent steel flask tongs, a new Kerr
crucible, and a rubber 1 1/2 quart rubber mixing bowl

Not included are the 3 1/2 flask (because I can’t find it. I usually
use pineapple cans), the rubber sprue base (I can’t find it either),
or the steel cradles (I’ve never used them). Rio sells these and they
are inexpensive. If I do find these things prior to shipping I’ll put
them in the box.

Price: $200

Shipping: At cost. Unit weight is about 25 lbs and packing
dimensions are on the order of 16" x 10" x 10", so it shouldn’t be
too expensive. I am going to pack it and weigh it, and see what the
least expensive shipping method is once I know where it is going.

If you are interested, please contact me offline.
Bob Kase