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[4Sale] Casting equipment

I am still selling my vaccum casting equipment, programmable oven,
kiln, and alote of accessories. Basically all that I used for casting
I am selling. Equipment is in great condition, less than 50 cast. I
am selling because, well just not using it anymore. Would cost over
5K to buy all that I have, asking 2,700.00, excepting offers!! Please
email me with any questions and for more details. Thanks!

David Morrow

Our shop once had a jeweler from NY that wanted to cast here.We are
not going to use this equipment. Here is the list of equipment we

Kaya Cast vaccuum caster w/10" bubble, Vulcanizer, Arbe Wax pot
w/valves, BIG kiln, Investment scale, Investment mixer, Scale,
Tongs, 3- Aluminum mold frames and plates, 4 perforated steel flasks
various sizes.

When new this would be about $4,000. We want to sell it all,not in
pcs. $1,800.obro Call 207-772-5404 ask for BrentBrent


Casting equipment for sale. My neighbor’s husband, a teacher at
Idyllwild School of the Arts for many years, bought a lot of casting
equipment and supplies, mostly from Rio, with the intent to follow
his passion for sculpting and casting when he retired.
Unfortunately, he passed before he was able to use it. There are 2
investing machines, 2 Kerr furnaces, and a lot of casting tools and
supplies. It is all for sale. We would like to sell it to someone
who can come to Idyllwild and pick it up. If you would like to see
an inventory list or photos, please let me know.

email offline at [brysoninidy AT live DOT com]

Thank you,
Kathy Bryson