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[4Sale] Casting equipment setup

Hi All,

I am moving and closing up my studio. I’ve been doing lost wax
casting and would like to sell my equipment. It is all purchased from
Rio Grande, has seen light service for five years and is in excellent
condition. Below is a partial list with my asking prices. (I also
have supplies and accessories related to the equipment to sell.)

Please contact me by email at brelique at if
you are interested in anything below. Thanks – and happy jewelry
making. Cathy

VIC 12 Vaccuum Table $700
Melting Furnace 1 kilo cap. $250
Vulcan 3-550 Kiln $800
Collector and 1/2hp Dual Polishing Motor $300
InControl Wax Injector w/vaccuum $1,000
Vaccuum Pump for Wax Injector $175
Air Pressure Wax Injector 6 qt cap. $200
Electric Soldering Machine $125
Model Master $200