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[4Sale] Cabochons are available

I am closing my business (time to retire!) and I have finally listed
all my left over cabochons on my web site. Its obvious that I got a
lot carried away whenever I visited the gem shows. Everything is
half price. Most of my jewelry inventory is sold and I’d really like
to sell the stones. I’ll take an additional 20% off of any order over

I’m sending a huge thank you to all of Orchid Land. This list has
truly been a blessing to me, everyone is so helpful and so free with
giving of their knowledge. I have learned so much from all of you
and since I’m rather isolated from other artisans in our field, I
have really enjoyed the sense of community here.

Thank you, Thank you.

Jan McClellan

I hate to see you go! I’ve loved your work as long as I’ve seen you
on Orchid. But we’re all getting older, and it won’t be very many
years before I’m doing the same thing. I’ve ordered several of your
stones. Thank you for offering them to us.

Janet Kofoed