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[4Sale] [CA] Jewelry Store/Studio

Jewels by Justin has been selling, designing, creating, repairing
and appraising jewelry for the community for the last 6 years

We have developed a great name and reputation and established a deep
and loyal customer base.

I love my studio and it is difficult to be moving on, but I have
found my passion in designing and not in running a business. I have
designed, created, and repaired thousands of pieces in the last 6
years for the community with my incredible team. I have poured
endless amounts of love and passion into creating this studio and
making it a place of goodness, and created what is possibly the most
environmentally conscious studio in California.

The location itself I set up to be half art gallery/design area and
half workshop with a clean room. When I set up the studio I was
inspired by art galleries, nature and creating an open, warm and
inviting experience, similar if someone was coming to visit me in my
own home. Some of the small things we did during the build out to
make the place more environmentally conscious are fans to keep the
place cool instead of constantly running A/C (lower power bills
too!), filtering the air that leaves the dirty room so it doesn’t
contaminate the community, low VOC paints, low voltage fluorescent
and metal halide lighting, recycled furniture, an electric water
heater (again saves energy and gives great hot water when you need
it), ergonomic and open layout so wouldn’t feel like being in a
confined space.

The studio is very versatile and has a lot of potential outside of
just designing, especially in being a custom bridal ring store with
the reputation I have built and the studios vicinity to Cal State
Fullerton, Fullerton College and lots of local churches. It also has
a lot of room to expand into repairs, as I have not been turning down
a lot of profitable repairs due to the volume of custom work I have
been doing.

The studio is in a heavily trafficked shopping center with very
strong retail anchors: Rubios, Walgreens, Subway, Pick Up Stix, Wells
Fargo, Papa Murphy’s, Supercuts and Tutti Fruiti.

The studio has great street exposure day and night, being only 20
feet from Yorba Linda, on the corner of Yorba Linda and Kraemer, a
major thoroughfare that sees tens of thousands of cars every day.

The lease is also well below market @ 2.95/sq foot INCLUDING CAM!
The total monthly rent is $3,550 A bargain for the amount of traffic
that comes through, as people can get their jewelry repaired while
they are eating at all the restaurants.

The sale includes the name, build out/tenant improvements (over
$40K), furniture, general office supplies and customer database.

I also have available if interested 3 safes, computers, shop
supplies, merchandise/inventory, 3D Computer Aided Design
Program (The Matrix v 6.0), computers, packaging, and everything else
you need to jump into a fully running shop. My jewelers are willing
to stay on and have all their own tools to do complete repair and
fabrication, including Platinum!

If interested please call Justin at 714.612.0714 or email. Thanks
for looking!