[4Sale] Broken arm sale

Hi everyone,

Desperate times, as the saying goes, call for desperate measures. No,
I do not have a bank account in Iceland. But with a recently broken
arm, the right one, at that, at the bottom of which the
jewelry-making hand is attached, there’s a serious crimp in
productivity and this right on the cusp of the Christmas season. So
I’m doing a somewhat forced internet sale, of jewelry and gemstones
and stuff.

Sale and story, partly lamentable, partly ludicrous, can be found
here; and (caution - parental advisory) it contains an explicit
mention of pantyhose.

Cheers all,
one-arm Hans Durstling in Moncton Canada
(typing two handed again though thank heaven!)

Hans…sorry to hear of your mishap! Next time you step off a board,
be sure there is ‘heavy air’ below it like we have here in South
Florida. Not that thin stuff like you have up there in Canada!
(grin). Hope your repaired in time for the Tucson show!!

Cheers and get better soon, Don

Hi, Hans

My sympathy about the broken arm, and I’m glad you’re recovering.
Hopefully no permanent damage. However, if you couldn’t make jewelry,
you could become a writer :slight_smile:

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ

Hans, thank you!!

Like many, many folks, these days, I have been coping with very
difficult circumstances and struggling to keep a positive state of

While the experience of breaking a limb and the attendant horrors of
medical attention are never funny, your observations and mental
images are utterly hilarious! I was chuckling at first, then
giggling, and then found myself roaring into full belly laugh,
complete with copious tears and red face.

Thank you for such a wonderful, uplifting experience! Should you
ever want to try a new career, I strongly suggest you try writing! In
the meantime, having perused your site (as much as theinactive
buttons/links would allow), your natural talent and unique
perspective, combined with what appears to be a fabulous sense of
humor, contributes to the appeal of your website. If you lived a
little closer to Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, I’d be asking for
directions to your studio, just to meet you in person.

Thank you for sharing your experience in such a lovely fashion, and
for giving me such a bright moment to enjoy!

D’ Ann Smith
Hadensville, Virginia

PS - By the way, I didn’t find anything from your link on Orchid
which led to items which were specifically in your “broken arm
sale.” Perhaps I was just too distracted?

Hope the healing process is speedy!

Hello Hans,

I am glad to see a smile on your face in the photo. A couple of
weeks for the bones to start knitting does bring hope for future life
at its former pace. Hang in there.

Judy in Kansas, where two frosty nights have doomed the garden
plants. Rats.