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[4Sale] Bonny Doon 20 ton press

Dear Friends,

I just moved from Phoenix to Tucson and have been re-evaluating my
workshop needs. I purchased a Bonny Doon press in 2002 after taking
a wonderful workshop at the Rio Grande show. I had all kinds of hopes
and dreams for creating multiples with the press. But, my work has
taken a different direction and I find I am spending most of my
creative time designing etched pieces. I realized that casting is
the way to produce multiple designs rather than punched designs.

So, after some reluctance, I am offering my hardly used Bonny Doon
press for sale to anyone who may be attending the Tucson Gem show in
the next month or so. I could deliver the press to you at the Tucson
show to save shipping costs.

This manual press includes many accessories:

Ring forming mandrels ($60)
2 extender plates for larger sheets ($100)
Brake Assembly ($75)
Intensifiers (??)
Forming Box (3" x 3") plus urethane blocks ($75)
Urethane Spacer Pads
Various blocks of material for making dies (???)

Total price: $850

Jack Berry’s Micro-Fold Forming machine plus instruction book: $50
including book/machine

I will attempt to make digital photos of all the equipment and
accessories if I can get my 4 year old camera working. (Something
is loose in the battery connection and it won’t stay ‘on’ for more
than 2 minutes.) All of the items (except the Fold Forming machine)
can be seen on the Bonny Doon website.

Thanks Orchid, for providing this wonderful forum and all the virus
and spam protection to keep our email and “computrids” running

V. Vivier
Artes Primitiv
Tucson, AZ