[4Sale] Almost Complete Set of Lapidary Journals

I am completely out of space and have decided to get rid of an almost
complete set of Lapidary Journals, Most magazine size ones (a few
issues may be missing and I stopped in 2004) and a few of the older
digest size ones. Also the index book. About 13-1/2 feet of
knowledge. Condition varies as I pieced this together over a number
of years at various gem shows, etc as well as subscribing up until I
felt the magazine had changed.

I don’t want to ship, so I’m looking for someone who can pick them
up in Philomath, Oregon (between Eugene and Portland, right outside
of Corvallis). I’d ideally like $100 for the set, but am open to any
offer that will get them out of the house. Trades are also welcome
(tools, Untracht’s concepts and technology, etc).

Honestly I’m a little sad to be getting rid of them, but I haven’t
had reason to look through them for years, and I hope they’ll be
useful to someone else. You can learn a lot by reading through the
whole magillah.

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Hello Nicholas,

If you don’t have a suitable offer, you should approach any nearby
universities/colleges with an art program. They have been hit with
decreasing budgets for periodicals in the last few years and might
be very pleased to have your set for their collection.

Many times, such dontations are valued for a tax deduction.
Regardless, your material could enrich student learning from here
on. I make it a practice to send my journals to our library. They
usually bind them together by year and maintain them for future

Just a thought,

Judy in Kansas, who is enjoying some fine weather in Tucson. I’ll also
post about the Orchid Dinner last night.

I might also suggest donating them to a local rock club. We had a
collection donated last year dating back to the 1980’s. We bundled
them by year and sold them at the silent auction at our annual show.
I don’t know what they sold for but interest was high. People were
scribbling fast and furiously on the bid sheets and circling the bid
tables like vultures. I was expecting to see some hockey style hip
checking to break out any time. :-;

Rick Copeland
President Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society