[4Sale] AF99 Kiln

Hello everybody,

Have an AF99 I kiln with pyrometer that I am putting up for sale.
I’ve owned it for a little over six years, and have only turned it
on a handful of times. New I paid $540 for the whole shebang, am
asking $450 OBO.

if interested, please respond offline.

thank you,

Hello, everybody,

am going to clarify on the kiln- it’s a glass fusing/annealing and
enameling kiln. i bought it thinking i would be doing far more
glasswork than i am currently doing. am planning on getting a little
trinket kiln for the enameling i do, but the beast i currently own is
apparently taking up too much space on my husband’s bench.

(he has developed an interest in enameling and lapidary and
metalwork, i think mostly because it’s stress relief for him -police
cadet in real life. it’s just a matter of time before i have to buy
another torch. :wink: )

thank you,