[4Sale] ABI Tack III

Good Afternoon,

We are rearranging the office and upgrading some equipment. The ABI
Tack III we have been using is in excellent condition and has all
the attachment pliers and tweezers. We bought a few new electrodes
for it and have been using it until the upgrade came in. I understand
they list for around $4000. We will sell this one for $2200 plus

Any questions: 570-265-5436 Eastern time zone 9am to 5pm

Francis Kisner

This is the unit you’ve seen in Professional Jeweler in those
excellent articles by Mark Mann.

Lightly used and in excellent condition. We bought new electrodes
and have been pleased with the quality of the welds. (My goldsmith is
more accustomed to the PUK so the ABI is just sitting except when I
use it.) I understand that these list around $3500. This one is $2200
plus shipping.

Francis Kisner